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Solar Eclipse Imaging Instructions

· Carefully remove the filter from the box without touching the Baader solar filter material.

· Check the filter for any possible damage before placing on the instrument.

· Do not point the camera or telescope toward the sun before you install the filter.

· Be sure to securely install the filter by either threading it on the lens or attaching it to the outside of the optical system.

· On the variable filters, be sure each of the three Teflon screws are securely placed on the outside of the optical system

· Allow telescope and filters to equalize to outside temperature. (At least 15 minutes)

· Sunlight on the optical system may warm it enough to cause internal heat currents that can degrade image quality. Cover the camera or telescope with a cloth when not in use.

· Use the instrument near stable atmospheric places. Do not view over pavement or buildings.

  • Note: Remove Your Filter during Totality for Imaging and Viewing

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